The Simple Skincare Routine That Can Maximize Your Aesthetic Results

For achieving the best results with your aesthetic treatments, it is important to invest in Medical Grade Skincare. This type of skincare enhances the effects of toxin treatments, filler treatments, and laser treatments. 


Without the use of medical grade skincare, patients may not get the expected results and be underwhelmed. Reducing pigment and redness will enhance the results of your filler and toxin treatments by creating a beautiful canvas that is clear and even toned. Using medical grade skincare prior to laser treatments creates a more suitable skin environment for the treatment, speeds recovery time, and enhances the final results. 

While most of our patients do use medical grade skincare beforehand, we can tell a clear difference in results from those who do and do not prep their skin.

ZO skincare offers a “Getting Skin Ready” program that includes three simple products to normalize skin function and start restoring skin health. This program is the essential first step to improve rough, dull texture, breakouts, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, and enlarged pores. 

The three products are: 

  1. A cleanser that removes surface oil and debris, and normalizes skin function.
  2.  An exfoliating polish that removes dead, dulling cells, improves microcirculation, and enhances product absorption.
  3. Alpha hydroxy acid pads or liquid toner that control excess oil, restore proper skin pH, and soothe dryness. 


By using these products for just 4-8 weeks, major improvements in the skin can be achieved. It is crucial to use medical grade skincare after aesthetic treatments to obtain the desired results.