How to Remove Sun Damage Off The Body

Have you started to notice brown spots on your arms, chest, hands, and legs? These spots are most likely sun damage from years spent outside with minimal sun protection. You are investing money into treatments on your face and neck to age gracefully, so don’t forget about your chest, arms, hands, back, and legs! Have you been told there is nothing you can do about these spots? Think again! BBL (broad band light) by Sciton is the key to reversing sun damage on your body. 


What is BBL?

BBL stands for Broad Band Light therapy. It uses flashlamp technology to put light into the skin. Different filters are used to target unwanted damage on the skin, such as redness and brown spots. BBL treatments are fast and extremely effective. 


Do BBL treatments hurt?

BBL technology is very comfortable for patients and has almost no anticipated downtime! You might feel a slight snapping sensation, but it is not prolonged. No numbing cream is necessary. 


How many treatments does it take?

When treating the body with BBL, sometimes more treatments are necessary to see full clearance of sun damage. It took years for that sun damage to get there, so it will take 5-7 treatments to erase all those bothersome brown spots. 


What to expect after the treatment is over?

The skin may be slightly red and warm immediately following the treatment, but this will resolve within 24-48 hours. Any sun damage spots may appear darker and start to “pepper” off within 1-2 weeks. Do not use any exfoliating polishes, retinol products, or chemical exfoliation for 3 days after your treatment. You may apply makeup the day of your treatment. 


Citrine is proud to offer Lincoln the most advanced and safe aesthetic treatments on the market! We love helping our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Schedule your BBL treatment with our highly trained medical professionals to start erasing your sun damage!