Leave Laser Hair Removal to a Professional

Have you seen advertisements for at-home laser hair removal devices and been tempted to purchase one?  These treatments at home promise permanent hair removal, however, this is not the case.  Let’s discuss the difference between at-home laser hair removal devices and professional treatments in a medical spa. 


How do at Home Laser Hair Removal Devices Work:

Most of the at-home laser hair removal devices on the market use IPL (intense pulse light) technology. IPL is not the most effective way to target hair follicles to destroy them, thus stopping hair growth. IPL technology feels like a “hot rubber band” snapping on the skin and many patients can’t tolerate this sensation. IPL may thin out the hair, but doesn’t have the ability to fully destroy hair follicles. There is also the risk that burns can occur when using these devices, especially in darker skin types.


What is the Difference Between Citrine’s Laser Hair Removal and at Home Devices:

Citrine Medspa prides itself on safe and effective laser hair removal treatments. All treatments are performed by a licensed registered nurse. Our laser technology is the best and top of line for our patients! Laser hair reduction treatments are PAIN-FREE, quick, and extremely effective. 


Many people end up seeking out professional hair removal treatments months after purchasing and trying these at-home laser hair removal devices. Save your money and leave your laser hair removal treatments to a professional! Schedule your FREE consultation today to experience PAIN-FREE and PERMANENT laser hair removal treatments.