Medical Conditions Laser Hair Removal can Improve


  1. Ingrown Hairs are very common and can be worsened with shaving and waxing. This is a condition that occurs when the hair follicle becomes irritated and infected. This can be very bothersome and painful. Laser hair removal fully and permanently destroys the hair, thus reducing the chances of ingrown hairs developing. Hairs become thinner with each session and patients will see improvement after only one appointment. 


  1. Pilonidal Cysts is a medical condition laser hair removal can help improve. This condition occurs when hairs become stuck in the skin near the gluteal cleft/tailbone. These cysts can occur often for some individuals and can become quite painful. Typical treatment involves antibiotics and drainage. Medical professionals recommend laser hair removal to help prevent cysts from forming.


  1. PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)  is a medical condition that can cause excessive hair growth in women. The hairs that appear are typically extremely coarse and in undesirable areas on the body. Hair growth from PCOS is seen most commonly on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and neck. Laser hair removal can be life-changing for those struggling with hair growth caused by PCOS. 


  1. Folliculitis is a medical condition that describes red and irritated bumps that occur commonly after waxing or shaving. Some people describe folliculitis as “razor burn” or “razor rash.” This condition can be extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable for patients. Laser hair removal is the best treatment option because it addresses the root cause of folliculitis. Folliculitis occurs when hair follicles become infected and irritated. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles that are irritating to begin with.