Do you currently get waxes every 4 weeks and wonder if there is a better solution? How much money do you waste on razors when shaving your entire body? Laser hair removal is an investment that saves money (also time) for many years to come!


Saving Money with Laser Hair Removal

The average Brazilian wax appointment ends up costing patients about $65. This is before a tip is included, so a grand total of approximately $80 every month. Hair can thin with waxing, but it will never stop growing back. You have to grow out your hair in between sessions as well. Not to mention, waxing is not a pleasant sensation and can cause ingrown hairs. 

Let’s give an example of how laser hair removal saves money. You wax your brazilian once a month from the ages of 20 to 50, so 30 years of waxing. You would end up spending a grand total of $30,000! The average cost of a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment with maintenance is about $2,500 TOTAL! Laser hair removal will end up SAVING you approximately $27,500 over your lifetime in comparison to waxing! Shaving ends up costing most people $10,000-$20,000 over their lifetime. 


Saving Time with Laser Hair Removal 

Shaving wastes hours of precious time weekly and let’s admit, it’s not fun either. When you invest in laser hair removal, you no longer have to waste time shaving! Razor burn, irritation, and ingrown hairs are also eliminated after receiving laser hair removal. Appointments are QUICK and PAINLESS at Citrine Medspa.


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