Wrinkle Relaxers are NOT just for the forehead anymore!

When it comes to BOTOX, most people think of using this wrinkle relaxer to treat the frown line, aka “11’s”, horizontal forehead lines and the crow’s feet.

While these are definitely the most common places to start using medications such as Botos, Dysport, Jeuveau and Daxxify, there are so many other areas of the face and skin conditions these wrinkle relaxers can treat.   


At Citrine in Lincoln, we are committed to giving our patients a comprehensive treatment.  Let’s review some of the other not-so-common uses for Botox:

  • The lower face: We often neglect this area and it is one of the most common places where aging can show its effects fairly aggressively!   Injecting botox into the muscles of the lower face and neck can help release tension in the lower face and improve jowling or heaviness in the lower face.   I recommend starting to treat the lower face with botox in your 30’s, as prevention is key
  • Pore reduction: Neurotoxins can be injected into the skin to help; reduce the appearance of the pores and enhance the skin
  • Rosacea/redness; Botox can decrease the appearance of redness on the face and improve the appearance of rosacea
  • Necklace lines and laxity: While the best results are obtained by a combination treatment with filler, wrinkle relaxers can improve the horizontal wrinkles of the neck as well as mild laxity and “chicken skin” appearance of this area that many of us are bothered by. 
  • Nasal flaring/nose slimming: An experienced injector can use Botox to reduce the flaring of the nose as well as slim the nasal structure
  • Chest wrinkles: When botox is injected into the skin of the chest, it can help improve the fine lines of the chest that can occur from sun damage, aging and side/back sleeping

So, the next time you are in for your toxin appointment, don’t be surprised if we evaluate the lower face and neck to see if you are a candidate for treating other areas you may be concerned with!