A Painless Laser Experience

Have you thought about doing laser hair removal, but have heard how painful it can be? This is a common concern of patients that start the laser hair removal process, but doesn’t have to be a reality at Citrine Medspa. Citrine was the first to bring 100% PAINLESS hair removal to Lincoln, Nebraska over 2 years ago!

We provide patients with a luxurious laser hair removal experience. Our highly trained registered nurses provide laser hair removal treatments for our patients. 


How is it painless?

Many laser hair removal devices in Lincoln are still not painless. They might say “it’s not too painful”, but unless it is an “in-motion” laser hair removal device, it is going to hurt at some point in the process. Citrine provides PAINLESS treatments through “in-motion” laser hair reduction technology. This technology has been around for years and is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as traditional painful hair removal. It is 2024, there are better options to remove hair! 


How many treatments does it take?

Most patients require 6-10 treatments in a series. On average, most patients experience an overall hair reduction of 80% by 8 treatments. Hairs will become thinner with each treatment session and patients won’t have to shave very much in between treatments. 


Is it permanent? 

Laser hair removal is permanent, but does require “maintenance” sessions to maintain results over time. Once a hair follicle is destroyed by the laser, it can never grow back. However, there are always dormant hair follicles that can be stimulated in the future by hormonal changes. Patients can expect hair to slowly appear over many months, but hairs will be very thin compared to original hair that was in the treated area. 


How do I get started with PAINLESS hair removal?

Call our office at 402-804-3588 and make an appointment! Patients can go to our online appointment system and make a consultation or treatment appointment. The sooner you start treatments, the closer to never shaving again you will be!