Ditch the Razor ASAP

Are you sick of shaving every single day?

Does your hair grow incredibly fast?

Do you suffer from painful ingrown hairs or razor irritation?

Are you tired of accidentally cutting yourself with a razor while shaving? 


Citrine MedSpa offers a luxurious and PAINLESS hair removal experience in Lincoln, Nebraska. Let us help you eliminate all the different types of pains that come with shaving! 


You might be asking yourself how laser hair removal is painless at Citrine? We use a laser device called the Motus AY to provide quick and PAIN FREE laser hair reduction. The Motus AY uses “in-motion” technology to eliminate any discomfort. This method of laser hair removal is just as effective as traditional hair removal, but without the pain! The laser is in direct contact with the skin and glides across the skin comfortably to destroy hairs.  There is a cooling sapphire tip on the laser as well. This sapphire tip provides a cooling sensation to eliminate pain and protect the epidermis, also known as the top layer of the skin. The Motus AY is extremely safe and minimizes the risk for burns that can often occur with other laser hair devices being used today. 


How many treatments does it take?

Patients can expect to need 6-10 treatments to see a 70-80% reduction in overall hair growth. This is dependent on the area being treated, how coarse and dark the hairs are, and hormonal influences. Hair will grow back thinner in between treatment sessions and patients will have to shave less often once they begin treatments. Patients will be able to notice a significant improvement after just one session!


NOW is the perfect time to start your journey to a razor free life! Book your FREE consultation with our nurse to discuss treatment options and pricing. Receive a FREE underarm treatment at your consultation as well!