Erase Sun Damage and Redness TODAY

Erase Sun Damage and Redness TODAY

Citrine provides Lincoln with the best technology to erase sun damage and redness from the skin. We use Sciton BBL (broad band light) HERO to accomplish this! This is also known as a “photofacial” and provides many benefits to the skin. There is no downtime when it comes to BBL treatments and this is why it is one of our most popular treatments.


Four Valuable Benefits of BBL:

  1. Correction of Damaged Skin (Photo-Rejuvenation)

BBL is able to correct photodamaged skin, rosacea, erythema or redness, freckles, inflammatory acne, and improve skin laxity.

2. Maintenance of Healthy Skin

Skin that is treated with BBL becomes smoother, clearer, healthier, tighter, and younger looking. This treatment has zero downtime and helps patients maintain their youthful skin even if no correction is needed. It is truly a treatment that everyone can benefit from. 

3. Pairs well with Other Cosmetic Treatments

BBL is a nice adjunctive treatment to Botox, fillers, Sculptra, HALO, and PRP treatments. BBL improves the appearance of the skin making it healthier and younger looking, therefore enhancing the results that come from other cosmetic procedures at Citrine. 

4. Delay of Aging Skin

Young skin is bright and reflects light because it is smooth, clear, lacks brown spots or redness, or enlarged pores. BBL helps to improve the appearance of youthful skin and turns off genes that accelerate the aging process.


BBL has the ability to stimulate collagen and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Sciton’s BBL is superior to other IPL devices on the market because of the advanced technology. Traditional IPL devices are only able to target browns and reds and there are limited other benefits from IPL treatments. Sciton’s BBL is able to stimulate collagen, tighten skin, improve texture and tone, and turn off genes that accelerate the aging process. Treatments using BBL instead of IPL are also much more comfortable for patients and take less time! Schedule Your treatment now!