Give your lips (and supporting areas) some LOVE

At Citrine in Lincoln, lip filler is one of the most requested areas we get asked about.    But, it’s not just about  the lips; where and what is used has a significant effect on the outcome of a lip filler treatment.  

Over the past 21 years, I have had the opportunity to inject almost all of the available products we have in the United States for lip filler.    Thankfully, the industry has continued to evolve and have many more lip filler options than the traditional Juvederm and Restylane fillers.  We aslo evaluate the entire lower face and many times, it’s not just the lips alone that are treated.

The supporting areas such as the marionettes, chin, chin crease/shadow and pyriform areas are all important when injecting lip filler and help create the most natural result from filler.  Not every patient needs all of these areas treated, but it is essential to evaluate them all before proceeding with only lip filler.  Our patients at Citrine in Lincoln deserve the best and it is always my goal to help you understand my professional recommendations and for us to make a plan together that will best enhance your beauty.  

The type of lip filler chosen is also super important.   We now have a range of fillers that can result in just a beautiful hydrated, more youthful appearance without any volume change to more hydrophilic fillers that can result in a significant change in volume.  The most important aspect to consider is making sure the filler that is selected is appropriate for your facial balancing.    Migration and overfilled lips can be the result of the incorrect filler being selected in a patient.   An artistic eye, experience with all types and brands of fillers as well as an honest & ethical injector can all help ensure your lip filler treatment is as perfect as possible!