The Halo Effect at Citrine

So many patients want to know the best treatment for brown spots, sun damage, melasma, improvement in pore visibility, and texture in their skin.   At Citrine in Lincoln, NE, we use one device that has the ability to address all of the above concerns.

Our Halo resurfacing laser is an industry gold standard in laser treatments and our goal at Citrine is to always bring the very best options to our aesthetic patients. 

What makes the Halo laser treatment so unique and effective?   Halo laser treatments have 2 different laser wavelengths that are treating the skin at the same time and they are customized to each patient’s skin concerns and skin types. This enables the Halo laser treatment at Citrine to be extremely effective and safe for each patient.  

We also have the ability to combine our halo treatment with our BBL treatment to even take the results to the next level.  This, in combination with my extensive experience in aesthetic medicine creates the Halo Effect; glowing, resurfaced skin with the absence of brown spots, a smooth texture and improvement in pores!

If you are interested  in a Halo treatment at Citrine in Lincoln, NE, please visit our website and book a consultation!