The Visia View

Citrine MedSpa in Lincoln, NE is the only aesthetic medical practice in our city to offer the prestigious Visia Skin Analysis device.  

The Visia is a specialized photography system that analyzes the skin with various filters to give a deeper evaluation of what is really going on under the skin.   Visible spots, texture, pore visibility, brown spots and UV damage are measured with the Visia.  We then use these results to develop a treatment plan of both in-office procedures as well as the best at-home skincare regimen for each patient. 

At Citrine, we also use the comparison tool on the Visia machine to capture the changes in the skin that are seen after a series of laser, injectables, chemical peels and /or their skincare plan.   

Another feature of the Visia device is a simulation tool that allows various areas of the face to be chosen and simulated with increased volume as we would typically see with filler injectables. 

A Visia Skin Analysis is part of all of our general skin consultations and we are proud to have Citrine be the only location in Lincoln, NE to offer this sophisticated technology!  Visit our website to schedule a consultation and Visia session