What’s the Difference Between BBL & IPL Treatments?

At Citrine MedSpa in Lincoln, we pride ourselves in offering the best treatments.   

We provide treatments with BBL instead of IPL.   Both of these technologies are very similar, but BBL is a more advanced version of light therapy when compared to IPL.  

Traditional IPL involves treating the desired area with 2 passes of light to target brown and red discoloration.   BBL or Broad Band Light, has the advantage of giving many different pulses of light into the skin.   This not only treats brown and red discoloration , but allows for anti-aging effects of the skin to also occur due to the increased pulses of light.  

The newer technology of BBL also is a less painful treatment with superior results.   BBL treatments are done in an initial series of 3-5 with continued maintenance treatments 3-4 times throughout the year. 

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